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There may only be three weeks to go until the Teen Big Night but Big Brother has still more surprises left to uncover for his teen housemates! First up, he updated them about the progress of their package and Golden ticket sellout for their charity to the Philippine Soccer Team who’s aiming to attend the Homeless World Cup in September. Continue reading


After the long lines and tedious auditions, all possible housemates had to pass a series of mediacl examinations. The strains of being in a new environment plus the extreme summer heat was bound to take its toll on the teens’ health, and Kuya made sure that all had regular check-ups. It was during the recent medical routine that the doctors found Continue reading

“I feel empty right now,” stated Ryan. The latest eviction night was the most emotional so far, with all the housemates bawling uncontrollably at the loss of four of their nearest and dearest. Jack and Sophia from the Teenternationals had to bid farewell, as did Joe and Patrick from the Pinoy housemates. Bret remembered Jack as the group’s “kuya”, and Continue reading

Two Korean teen housemates, Resort Owner Jack (Sungbin Yoon) and Obedient Darling Sophia, stepped out of the Big Brother house after receiving the lowest save votes. If people were expecting a big tearjerky event, there were no waterworks from the two of them as they seemed even happy to be welcomed back into the outside world. But not to Continue reading

Nominations resumed tonight and the next set of nominees were finally revealed. The nomination process was a switch, literally, as the housemates could only vote for those in the opposing team. Each team got 4 nominees, and of these 8, some would have to leave Kuya’s house b the week’s end. Continue reading

It was never a tradition of Big Brother’s to have more than two of his housemates leave his house at the same time… until this season! For tonight, not only did he send out two Teenternational bedspacers to the outside world tonight, but he also brought out two of the Pinoy teens with them! Continue reading

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (PBBDU) Big Winner Melisa “Melai” Cantiveros is on cloud nine these days after the completion of her house at St. Monique Valais in Rizal. Continue reading

Just yesterday, three housemates bid goodbye to their new friends, as the popular votes did not work in their favor.  Ann, Carson, Angelo, Tricia and Yen got another week and another shot at winning the game. Unfortunately, such luck Continue reading

April Sun, the Cantonese Girl of Hongkong, was first of the Teenternational bedspacers to be evicted from this season, with only 23.33% of the save evict votes. She came last after Carson, who had 24.13%, and Ann with 52.54%. Continue reading

It’s the fourth nomination night for the Pinoy housemates and the first for the Teenternationals. One task they had was to write characteristics that they thought a good president should have and put it in the ballot box. In honor of the upcoming national elections, Continue reading