Gladys Reyes became a JURADO (judge) sa Showtime since February 2010 and after 15 weeks she was voted out of the show. According to rules a Jurado can be “burado” if she/he got more than 25% of votes. Gladys Reyes got 25.13% of votes. It was a shock to everyone and another thing her ka-tandem Vice Ganda is in Dubai for a concert. Gladys Reyes became a crowd favorite sa Showtime dahil sa asaran at tarayan nila ni Vice Ganda sa Show.

What caused Gladys to be “burado” in Showtime?

1. Change of seats. Gladys ever since was seated next to Vice Ganda and they always joke around and do their comedic antics. Last Monday she was transferred to the 3rd seat in the middle of the new judge Alessandra de Rossi and 16 week old judge Jhong Hilario.

2. Vice Ganda’s absence. Vice Ganda is in Dubai for a concert since Thursday and their tandem suffered a lot. Aside from that they don’t do their usual antics in Showtime like before.

3. Pregnancy. Gladys is I think 4 months pregnant and can’t give explosive “samples” like what Showtime audience wants.

4. Funnier judge. The new judge Alessandra de Rossi is somewhat funnier than Gladys’ “taray” factor.