After the long lines and tedious auditions, all possible housemates had to pass a series of mediacl examinations. The strains of being in a new environment plus the extreme summer heat was bound to take its toll on the teens’ health, and Kuya made sure that all had regular check-ups. It was during the recent medical routine that the doctors found cause to call Kuya’s attention to two of the hopefuls.

Dr. Joven Gonong reported the recent findings on the medical tests of Angelo and James. Angelo’s x-ray showed some fibrocystic lesions, indicating an infection. “Normal lang siguro ‘to,” justified Angelo, when Kuya told him the news. As much as he wanted to just bear the pain, Kuya could not allow it. After all, he was responsible for the teens inside his house, and not even the show can take precedence over health. The sensitivity of his illness did not allow for any goodbyes, and his housemates were left to wonder where he had gone.

One PInoy housemate was followed by a Teenternational out of the house. James, who had been experiencing severe back pains for several days already, was also found in immediate need for medical intervention. His case was more serious than Angelo’s, as his x-rays showed a defect in his lungs where water was beginning to gather. With a very slim chance that he’d make it back, Kuya allowed the rest of the teens an hour to spend with their friend.

The first teens to find out about the situation were Ryan and Bret. The tears flowed unceremoniously, but the two decided to make the most of their last hour. Ryan was intent on making James happy, and Bret suggested they just hang out with James. It was an hour well spent indeed, full of one-minute hugs, slow dances and kisses (yes, even from the boys, to James’ chagrin). It was Tricia who first found things odd, but it was only when Bret’s eyes became teary that the worry set in. Kuya called in the overwhelmed James, and he had to leave the others with nothing but the tiniest shred of hope. When Kuya broke the news to him, James could hardly speak and he remained that way until the hospital. The teens left spent their time worrying and praying for the two boys’ health. Jenny was one of the emotional ones. “I didn’t hug him properly,” she wailed. Ryan coped with it the best way he knew: through humor.

The group gathered in the boys’ room when Ryan and Bret kept them up to date with what was happening, and when they went out, they were greeted by a giant sand timer in the living room. Outside were twenty-four balloons, stuck on a big cardboard “24”, signifying each hour the two boys had left. At the end of each hour, the teens had to pop one balloon, a ritual that was heartbreaking indeed.

Above floated two red balloons, and once popped, it meant a forced eviction for one or both of the boys. Live on Primetime, the teens gasped as they saw a stick poking at one of the red balloons. Helplessly they watched it pop, and that was the end of the line for one of their housemates. Kuya revealed that the doctors already released an official statement denying Angelo his medical clearance, sealing the fate for a forced eviction due to illness. James, earlier diagnosed with a worse condition, still had three hours to go.

Sad as the situation may be, the show must go on, and voting is officially re-opened. Due to the circumstances, no one will be evicted this Satuday, though the list of nominees remain. The votes cast this week will still be counted and added to those yet to come. BRET, JENNY, DEVON, and TRICIA: save or evict? Text BBS (housemate’s name) to give your fave pick another shot or BBE (housemate’s name) to end someone’s housemate moments. You may also go online to make that choice count. Vote wisely! -PBB