Former Showbiz Central host Mo Twister is about to deal with his first court case because his former network, GMA-7, has lodged a complaint regarding his alleged breach of contract. It will be recalled that GMA-7 has filed a P4 million breach of contract case against DJ Mo and TV5.

Mo Twister  does not regret transferring to TV5

The legal matter could disrupt his life as well as hinder his appearances on TV5 because of the TRO (temporary restraining order) that aims to prevent Mo from appearing on the TV5 shows Juicy and Paparazzi.

NO REGRETS. In light of all these, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked DJ Mo if has regrets about transferring to TV5.

Mo Twister then declared: “Do I have any regrets? No. Why would I? The people that I’m surrounded by, they’re ten times better than the people I was with.

“The people I’m working with, from the co-hosts to the staff to the upper management, all the way to the very top, nakikilala mo sila. Puwede kang magtanong and they will give a very honest answer and it goes for everyone.”

He later clarified that he was actually referring to the top executives of GMA-7 and not his former co-hosts on Showbiz Central. “I mean the upper management. I love Pia Guanio, I love Raymond Gutierrez, I love John Lapus…Rufa Mae [Quinto]—on and off.”

DJ Mo was one of the hosts presented during TV5′s press conference for Paparazzi held earlier today, June 1, at Alfredo’s restaurant on Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Aside from Mo, Cristy Fermin, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Dolly Anne Carvajal as well as director GB Sampedro answered questions from the press regarding their showbiz-oriented talk show that airs every Sunday on TV5.

THE CONTRACT. The controversial TV and radio personality says that he has not yet received a copy of the formal complaint.

“The last time I met with anyone was my last episode on Showbiz Central, which was the week prior to when my contract expired. I wrote them a letter saying that since they have no plans for me in [GMA-7], I’m gonna explore other options.”

DJ Mo then said that he wanted to join TV5′s showbiz oriented talk show, Paparazzi, which is why he asked GMA-7 to release from his contract.

“I wanted to leave early ‘coz my contract was ending on May 3 and Paparazzi was starting on April 12. So I wrote them a letter and I asked them if they could release me two or three weeks earlier ‘coz I plan to start this show. And then they said, ‘No.’ So that’s when I talked to Wilma [Galvante, GMA-7 SVP for Entertainment TV] and told her, it’s just two weeks. Then sabi niya, ‘I’ll help you. I’ll do whatever I can. If you don’t want to be here, you’ll be out.’”

But according to DJ Mo, the management of GMA-7 did not agree to release him earlier so he waited for his contract to officially end. According to TV5 Head of Entertainment and Creative Services Perci Intalan, this is the reason why Mo started appearing on Paparazzi only on May 9, 2010.

“I waited for my contract to end, which was on May 3,” said Mo, “and according to my lawyers, I could leave. According to the TV5 lawyers, I could leave. That’s two legal opinions that are not related and they all agreed that I was done and that I could go.”

He added, “I think they’re suing me for the clause about the renewal.”

Does he feel bad that his former network has sued him over this matter?

“Not really ‘coz I just want to work. I just want to do my job without so many problems. But I have to be really realistic also that this is really a part of the business and there will be companies that don’t agree with the way you think. We’ll just see what happens,” says Mo.

TV5 WILL FIGHT FOR MO. In a separate interview, PEP asked TV5 executive Perci Intalan regarding the TRO and and he said that they have not yet received the formal letter so he could not comment on it.

GMA-7′s legal department, on the other hand, said that they sent a letter to TV5 reminding them about Mo’s contract. Intalan confirmed this by saying, “In March they did send a letter but the lawyers said that it is a reminder saying that Mo had a live contract, which we honored. Kaya nga we waited until that live contract ended on May 3.”

What about GMA-7′s claim that they have the right to renew Mo’s services for another year?

“Ang pagkakaalam kasi namin they’re talking about their option to renew, which I guess is the subject of the case. Yun yung dini-discuss ng legal namin kasi the live contract is only until May 3, 2010,” said  Intalan.

Did Mo tell them about this particular clause regarding the option to renew?

“Both parties were aware what the live contract was and the bottom line is that when we were negotiating with Mo, it was in good faith and in the belief that we can engage his services,” the TV5 executive said.

Are they afraid of the lawsuit filed by GMA-7?

“Actually, hindi kasi it’s an important issue to debate on: the whole practice of sole option to renew. The bottom line is that Mo wants to be with us. It’s not Mo not wanting to be us na dinedemanda. Dun kami magwo-worry ‘coz it’s somebody who’s with us na ayaw na sa amin, at pinipigilan namin umalis at dinemanda namin na bumalik sa amin, issue yun.

“Pero ito, pinaglalaban namin ang isang tao na gusto sa amin. In every way, panalo kami dun kasi the person wants to be with us. Kumbaga, kahit ano pang issue, gusto niya sa amin. Kaya hindi rin kami as worried, although it’s another thing to deal with, but it’s something that we want to fight for,” explained Intalan. -JOCELYN DIMACULANGAN – PEP