Two Korean teen housemates, Resort Owner Jack (Sungbin Yoon) and Obedient Darling Sophia, stepped out of the Big Brother house after receiving the lowest save votes. If people were expecting a big tearjerky event, there were no waterworks from the two of them as they seemed even happy to be welcomed back into the outside world. But not to hate, because their experiences inside the house and with their fellow teen housemates were most likely enough for them already. In Sophia’s words, “[It was] A great experience. I will never forget it forever.” She and Jack finished with 12.24 % and 4.31%, after Jenny 14.59 % and James 68.86%.

The same cannot be said for the two Pinoy teens, “Swabeng Komikero ng Quezon City” Joe and “Gentle Boy-Next-Door ng Mandaluyong” Patrick, who had to leave behind a lot of memories and cut off friendship ties for a while. Although they both went through out the house’s door with smiles plastered upon their faces, they fought hard to choke back their tears once they arrived onstage. And the prodding of the hosts Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez and Mariel Rodriguez about the things they will miss about being inside the house just tipped them over. “Mamimiss ko silang lahat kase [una] kung wala sila hindi ko kakayanin [ang pagstay sa bahay] (I will miss them because for one, I won’t be able to make it this far),” Patrick shared. Joe also mentioned how he does not regret anything he did inside because he was just showing who he really was as a person. Afterward, Toni consoled both of them by saying that at least now they were out of the house, they could rejoin their friends and also former housemates Eslove and Shey. Joe and Patrick received 5.60% and 17.33% correspondingly, after Angelo’s 23.79% and Tricia’s 53.28%.

The teen housemates getting fewer by the week only means one thing: the Big Night is just around the corner! Make sure your favorite housemates stays put inside the house, until he or she gets that Big Winner title! -PBB