“I feel empty right now,” stated Ryan. The latest eviction night was the most emotional so far, with all the housemates bawling uncontrollably at the loss of four of their nearest and dearest. Jack and Sophia from the Teenternationals had to bid farewell, as did Joe and Patrick from the Pinoy housemates. Bret remembered Jack as the group’s “kuya”, and anyone who witnessed his brand of leadership could easily understand the loss of his team. Sophia, the baby of the group, was often seen as the fragile one, yet she showed her fierce side during the latter days.

Jenny, who was saved, burst into tears and could not help feeling that she was somehow to blame for the eviction of the two. Joe and Patrick, who both stepped up as leaders of their respective teams and eventually grew a close bond, were in tears before the announcement was made. Surprisingly, when it was announced that they were both evicted, they both smiled and found comfort in the thought that they were sharing yet another experience – that of re-entering the outside world – without leaving the other behind. The pain of their exit just returned when they were enveloped in hugs and showered with tears by those who remained. Ryan and Ivan were the most affected, and did not bother being subtle with their sobs. Ivan shared that Joe and Patrick’s exit will indeed have a big impact on the household, and feels sad knowing that they, too, worked very hard to come to that point.

Hard as goodbyes may be, that is the nature of the game. Everyone will have to leave, just at different times. On the upside, they get to see each other again, but anyone who’s still in the inside just cannot escape the feeling of small deaths. This season’s Top 10 are the only ones left, and the Primetime episode re-introduced these lucky ten. This week, another eviction will take place, but only for a lone housemate. Because of the merge, all the teens were now able to nominate anyone. Two teens of each team were nominated, and since there were no ties, only 4 housemates are in danger of being booted out.

Tricia and Devon were the top two scorers of their team. As always, Tricia got high nomination votes because of being immature, emotional, flirty and acting “maarte”. Devon got hers for being too affected and insensitive. Jenny and Bret got the other two nomination slots, the former for her stand on the Teen Big Night slot issue and the former for being easily irritated and putting too much distance.

For the 7th nomination night, only 4 are on the line for a single one-way ride out of Kuya’s house. The twist is, it’s back to the dual-voting system introduced last Double Up season: the option to save and/or evict are now offered. Indeed, both lovers and haters get a say on the fate of the remaining ten. So, what will your choice be? Will it be a vote to save, or to evict? More importantly, to whom will you give it to?

Voting is now officially open, so key in BBS to save your favorite housemate, or BBE to the one who irritates you no end. Send your text votes to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. Vote wisely! -PBB