I am playing Blessings of Love, Kris Aquino’s second album also released by Universal Records, as I type this piece. Like in the first one, Kris doesn’t sing but only narrates (with quotable quotes) before each song of the “concept CD” which is a potential hit like the previous four which were all “platinum.” Kris herself picked the songs: Impossible Dreams (by Martin Nievera), Love is the Answer (Gary Valenciano), To Where You Are (Jed Madela), You Are Not Alone (Nina), I Have Fallen In Love With The Same Woman Three Times (Christian Bautista), Dance With My Father (Jay-R), Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo (Gail Blanco), Ikaw (Ogie Alcasid), Iingatan Ka (Erik Santos), Kanlungan (Noel Cabangon and Aia de Leon), Walang Iba (Ronnie Liang) and Hindi Ka Nag-iisa (Regine Velasquez).

“I read devotionals daily and this paragraph from the Women of Faith made a real mark in me,” Kris wrote on the CD’s inside cover, and she quoted:

God is with us — in the deadlines, in the splendor, in the singing of a bird, in the frustration of a broken relationship, in the sound of a little voice calling for Mom, in the plumbing repair, in a friend’s phone call. He is there in it all; He is present with us. He opens doors for us to love one another, for us to experience peace and beauty. He opens doors for us to enjoy life, to laugh, to find ourselves, and experience His very holiness, to experience the abundant life.

“I wanted to share with all of you all that I am thanking God for,” continued Kris. “ I believe there’s always a reason to feel blessed, to feel grateful. I thank God for giving me this life that I wholeheartedly share with all of you.”

You are listening to what she refers to as “the new Kris.”

After the May 10 presidential race which her Kuya Noynoy won (he’s still so far called “President-apparent” pending his proclamation by Congress), Kris has announed that: 1). Contrary to Kris-bashers’ insistence for her to fulfill her pre-election “promise” to live abroad if and when Noynoy won (but only if she would be pabigat to Noynoy which she certainly wouldn’t be), she’s staying put, right here; 2). She’s quitting her ABS-CBN shows The Buzz and SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) which are prone to controversy (that might adversely affect Noynoy); and, that’s it, she’s shedding “the old Kris” (which sometimes, in her unguarded moments, would “re-possess” her, as in sumasanib sa kanya).

In this her first exclusive interview after the May 10 elections, Kris reveals more in an “I Will/I Will Not” type of Q&A, short of swearing on The Bible as her Kuya Noy will do on June 30 when he’s inaugurated as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

First, the list of her 10 “I Will Not”:

I will not live in Malacañang… But if Noy wants the company and the joy and stress of having Josh and Baby James around, we’ll join him.

I will not mind Noy’s hair… Pin Antonio and Cherry Reyes are doing a good job of taking care of what’s left, so I’ll just let them mind Noy’s hair and I’ll just continue to Pantene mine.

I will not mind his “fashion sense”… But I will continue to order work clothes and formal clothes for him. Liz Uy will help me in coordinating with JC Buendia, Rhett Ella and Paul Cabral. The less Noy has to worry about, the more he can focus on helping our country progress.

I will not meddle in Noy’s love life… But I’ll consistently be supportive and friendly to whoever he chooses to love.

I will not be bothered by detractors… But I’ll be open to well-meaning criticism. I accept that I am in a very public profession and my brother will occupy the highest position in our land so I must be very sensitive to public sensibilities.

I will not try to influence Noy’s choice of cabinet members and the people who will work with him… But I’ve gotten to know quite a few worthy people during the presidential campaign and if Noy will ask for my personal opinion of them based on what I saw when we were on the field together, I’ll answer but I won’t impose.

I will not let James accept any government position… James has many good years left in his basketball career and it wouldn’t be proper for him to have any appointed position, not even for a sports-related one.

I will not cry on national television… Wait a minute, I think I will still cry. The grand finals of Pilipinas Got Talent is approaching and Ai-Ai (delas Alas) and I really get emotional. I know that saying goodbye on SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) and The Buzz will also be tear-filled. Of course, Noy’s proclamation by Congress and his eventual inauguration will have happy tears. And, of course, any reminiscing about Mom is always filled with mixed emotions.

I will not be vindictive… I was not raised to be vindictive. But I also know who is worth befriending and the people I should stay away from.

I will not let tsismis ruin my family… Tsismis is a part of life, especially if you are a celebrity. At the end, it is how James and I treat each other inside our home that will matter. And more than my marriage, it is the well-being of Josh and Baby James that is my top priority.

And here’s the list of her 10 “I Will”:

I will help re-decorate Malacañang… If I help re-decorate Malacañang, it will only be if Noy asks for my help. And I’ll try to be as cost-effective as possible.

I will endorse Boy Abunda if ever he’s appointed ambassador… Boy knows that whatever his heart desires and his mind leads him, I will support 100 percent.

I will help in civic projects… This June, I’m going around at least eight provinces to distribute P2-million worth of Mongol school supplies to elementary schoolkids. They are supporting me in this endeavor because of my participation in their iamninoy/iamcory line. I truly want to help Noy’s education-related initiatives.

I will serve as one of Noynoy’s four First Ladies… Noy knows that since we his sisters gave our 100 percent during his campaign, we’ll give our 100 percent for the duration of his presidency. Whatever he feels we can do to best help him, we are ready to do.

I will behave… I’m 39. I am very well-behaved.

I will spend more time with my family… My life revolves around my two boys. Josh goes back to school on June 15. Baby James starts a summer program for pre-schoolers on June 14. After my teleserye, we’ll take a vacation. I promised them a trip to Disneyworld in Florida and I want to take them to Boston to see where I spent the only years of my life that our family was complete. I haven’t been back to Boston in over 25 years, so this will be a very nostalgic visit.

I will try to have another baby… No more baby. I’m old na.

I will wear a gown by (name of designer) during Noynoy’s inauguration… We haven’t decided yet what to wear…waiting pa for the Congressional canvass to finish.

I will choose the movies and TV shows that I’m going to do… After Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo ends, and after Pilipinas Got Talent, SNN and The Buzz, a gameshow is being conceptualized and mounted for me. So far, that’s the only immediate new show.

I will run in 2013… May I answer this last item in 2012?

-FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (The Philippine Star)