Nominations resumed tonight and the next set of nominees were finally revealed. The nomination process was a switch, literally, as the housemates could only vote for those in the opposing team. Each team got 4 nominees, and of these 8, some would have to leave Kuya’s house b the week’s end.


From the Pinoy boys, only Ivan was saved. Angelo, with 3 points, was voted for not following rules and for their thinking that he would be better off reunited with his mom. Joe got 3 points, too, for being too much of a comedian and being quite a tough contender. Patrick also made it to the list for not being too friendly. From the Pinoy girls, Devon and Fretzie could breathe easy, while Tricia got 11 points for her mood swings, missing her mom, ability to cry on cue and the discomfort of the other housemates with her.

Two Teenternational girls were also in the dreaded list, leaving only Ann in the safe zone. Jenny’s 3 points for not helping in the house chores and Sophia’s 3 points for being childish and a liability to the team in terms of physical challenges. Ryan and Bret join Ann, while two more Teenternational boys were nominated. James’ 4 points were mostly fpr being injured, while Jack’s 7 points were for being too quiet, not helping much, and not being the easiest to deal with.

Tricia was called in the Confession Room, where she shared her thoughts on her nomination. “Medyo malungkot po, Kuya. Alam ko naman po sa sarili ko na ginawa ko ‘yung best ko, tapos ganito. But it’s okay.” She has been a consistent nominee, and Kuya suggested that she find out exactly what she needed to change. Aside from her being “maarte”, she also has to work on improving relations with her housemates. “Pasensya nap o kung mabagal ang pagbabago, pero ina-assure kop o na ginagawa ko ang best ko.” James, too, admitted that he did have to help out more around the house. “It’s just that sometimes, there are too many people doing one thing.” Patrick was sad, but seemed to have gotten used to the flow of the game. “Okaey lang, hindi po maiiwasan ‘yung ganoon.”

It seems unfortunate indeed that the PInoy housemates only get one slot in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big Night, but the three slots held be the Teenternationals were won fair and square. Kuya then asked the Teenternationals to identify one PInoy housemate whom they thought deserved the one slot. Their unanimous decision (for it had to be that way) was Joe. Other suggestions were Ivan, Fretzie and Tricia. The Pinoy teens were also asked the same thing, only as individuals. Tricia voted for Angelo, believing he was most in need and truly deserved it. “Para sa akin, enough na ‘yung values at changes.” Patrick and Ivan both voted for their best bud, Joe. “There are other people who deserve to get the prize.” Even Joe voted for himself, stating that he had shown his true self since the first week, and was not superficial with anyone. The remaining Pinoy teens, then, voted for themselves.

Since these opinions will not factor in the final decision, who do you think will make it to the much-coveted spot? Which housemates will be unfortunate enough to bid goodbye by the week’s end? Text BB (housemate’s name) and send the vote that will save your housemate of choice to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. Text now and save JENNY, SOPHIA, JAMES, JACK of the Teenternationals or PATRICK, JOE, ANGELO and TRICIA. The housemates are dwindling fast, but just who gets to stay is your choice! -ABS-CBN/PBB