Is former MTV Asia VJ Colby Miller courting ABS-CBN’s contract star Angel Locsin?

Miller who quit MTV in 2007, just made a poem for the actress that he read at his brother’s show, The KC Show.

Miller is the brother of VJ-rapper KC Montero and actor-model Troy Montero.

In KC’s Twitter page, he posted a link to his brother’s poem for Angel.

“Heavenly poem for my angel, Angel Locsin by Colby Miller is posted here. Feel the love. KC said.

In Locsin’s Twitter page, she posted her appreciation to Colby through KC for composing a poem for her.

“@KCMontero funny 🙂 hehe 🙂 pls tell colby thanks☺,” Locsin said.

Below is the poem of Colby for Angel.

Heavenly Poem for my angel, Angel

Hi Angel it’s me Colby.
In day 2 of my quest
until your heart is mine
I shall not rest.

I will pic you up from ABS
on my trustee pegasus
we will fly to the clouds
and it will just be us

We don’t need Darna
we will have the power of love
after a long day’s work
I’ll fill your bathtub

If you’re ever hungry
I’ll bake you a ham
or I’ll drive you to Megamall
for little spam jam

I’m the karate kid
you are my miagi
I wanna put my elbows
all over your beautiful body

When I see your billboards
I hear doves cry
it makes me so sad
to see you with another guy

This is the KC film
no longer with Jimmy Muna
all of a sudden
I really love canned tuna

Teddy bears and unicorns
after seeing
this month’s FHM
I’m quitting internet porn

I miss you although
we’ve never met
I love you,
with love Colby

Source: ABS-CBNnews