It was never a tradition of Big Brother’s to have more than two of his housemates leave his house at the same time… until this season! For tonight, not only did he send out two Teenternational bedspacers to the outside world tonight, but he also brought out two of the Pinoy teens with them!


Receiving the least save votes, the Romantic Achiever of Korea Richard (Do Hun Na) and the Loving Lad of Canada Carson Lee Jacob Vince seemed to not have made it to the bottom-est of the hearts of the voters. They received 22.18% and 34.06% respectively, making Sophia (the other nominee) with 43.76% get the longer stay inside the Big Brother house. “To think more positively” and to be “grateful and cherish what you have” is what both of them noted as the best lessons they learned while staying under Big Brother’s roof.

On the other hand, the Shopaholic Chick of Parañaque City Kazel Kinouchi and Little Miss Sunshine Yen Santos also got voted off the Big Brother house. They finished last with 6.15% and 15.29% respectively, after Angelo’s 16.80%, Ivan’s 18.43% and Tricia’s 43.33%.

With four housemates out of the house all at once for the first time, how will the remaining ones cope with the loss? What will happen to the Avatar-called friendship bond among Joe, Patrick, Kazel and Yen? What will also happen to the now-incomplete foreign bedspacers that have built strong connections with each other? Watch how the teen housemates adapt to these new changes on PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day! -PBB