Sexy star Cristine Reyes has hit back at her critics after they unfairly blamed her for Ara Mina’s defeat in the last elections. 

Reyes said she should not be blamed if her older sister Mina lost in her bid for councilor of Quezon City.

Actress Ara Mina lost her bid for city councilor of Quezon City in the 2010 polls


“Bakit sinabi ko ba sa mga tao na huwag siyang iboto? Konting pag-iisip naman,” she said in her interview with “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon.”

Reyes admitted that she was not always present during Mina’s campaign rallies due to her tight schedule and her upcoming movie, “Tumbok.”

She, however, maintained that she did her best to campaign for Mina.

She even pointed out that she contributed to Mina’s campaign funds. “Nakita naman nila na tumulong naman ako kahit papaano kay Ate.”

Although Mina lost in the elections, Reyes is confident that her sister would be fine.

She also shared that they will be spending quality time together in the United States where she and Mina are booked to do a series of shows with Bugoy Drilon. -Monica Ladisla,  -Source: