Just yesterday, three housemates bid goodbye to their new friends, as the popular votes did not work in their favor.  Ann, Carson, Angelo, Tricia and Yen got another week and another shot at winning the game. Unfortunately, such luck was not shared by three others. April was the first of the Teenternational housemates to leave the house, while Yong and Jovic of the PInoy housemates were permanently out of the running.

It was the first loss for the Teenternational housemates, which left them quite emotional. Just a couple of weeks inside Kuya’s house was apparently enough time for them to get close to each other, and April’s exit was truly a painful experience for them, despite knowing that someone was really leaving the group. Sophia couldn’t help but cry, missing her temporary sister. Jenny shared that April, despite her strong personality, was actually the group’s caring “mom”. From the Villa, Yong and Jovic were also missed, especially by Angelo who considered them his closest buddies. Even Yen shared that it was unfortunate to have Jovic leave just when he was becoming close to the group already.

Of course, as sad as they were for losing some of their friends, the look of relief could not be erased from those who were saved. Ann and Carson were both very thankful for being given another shot. “I may not be Filipino by blood,” shared Carson. “but I can be Filipino by heart.” Tricia, the consistent nominee, found comfort in the thought that people in the outside world appreciated her efforts, resulting in her being saved again. Yen, whose safety was announced last, couldn’t hid e her smile, too. Only Angelo, who had to say goodbye to his best friends, had to be further consoled by the boys and reminded that he should not feel guilty for being saved.

Unfortunately, it was exactly that kind of sorry talk that got Angelo nominated yet again. The others felt that he would be happier outside the house. Ivan was nominated, too, because of jokes that were getting out of line and being hot-headed. Tricia remains a favorite, nominated for being messy with her things, saying untruthful stories and being “maarte”. They felt that instead of improving, she was actually reverting back to her old ways of being obnoxious and immature. Kazel and Yen made the list as well, the first for not treating everyone equally and the latter for being easily distracted.  

From the other team, three made it to the nomination list: Carson, Richard and Sophia. The Teenternational housemates felt that Carson was not trying to change his ways, as much as they trried to talk to him. He still got mad easily and was difficult to get along with. Some felt that Richard only made an effort to move when the nominations were nearing, getting him one nomination slot. Sophia, the baby of the group, seemed to be a liability instead of an asset especially during tasks. Most of the housemates thought her too young and immature to take the tasks seriously.

This coming Saturday, four housemates — two per team– are doomed to exit Kuya’s house.Who will it be: ANGELO, KAZEL, YEN, IVAN, or TRICIA? CARSON, SOPHIA, or RICHARD? It’s entirely up to you, Kapamilya. Voting is now officially open, so key in BB and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. You can also check out the official website to send your votes online. Vote wisely! -Source: ABS-CBN/PBB