It’s the fourth nomination night for the Pinoy housemates and the first for the Teenternationals. One task they had was to write characteristics that they thought a good president should have and put it in the ballot box. In honor of the upcoming national elections, a ballot-type nomination process took place. Given a ballot sheet, each housemate had to shade the circle beside each nominee’s name, black ink to give one point and red ink for two. This time, the top three scorers per house were included in the dreaded list.


“It sucks!” Nomination night may already be routine for the Pinoy housemates, but it’s new ground for the Teenternational housemates. After Jack announced the inevitable nominations, the Apartment housemates were far from ecstatic. In fact, Sophia felt so bothered that she cried before giving her vote. “I feel sorry and guilty,” she explained. Being so far from home, she has spent the past week forming a family with people who used to be complete strangers. Just when they were getting comfortable, the reality of the game just couldn’t be escaped.


Three Teenternational housemates are on the line. Carson got the most points, mostly for his being too aggressive to the point of missing out on the concept of teamwork.  He make it appear as if he didn’t need help and what he sees as stepping up, the others take as being a know-it-all. April followed him, because her housemates saw her as being too bossy. A strategic vote because she really had the ability to move the group, but a vote that got her in the list nonetheless. Ann rounds up the Teenternational nominees for not taking the tasks as seriously as she should. This perception was probably brought about by her constant chat and seems unnecessary already.

From the Pinoy housemates, five are in danger of getting sacked. Highest scorer remains to be Tricia. The others felt that she has not learned her lessons yet, continuing to be an over-acting know-it-all who rarely helps out and talks about boys. Angelo followed suit, still because of his serious personality that makes him take things too personally and isolates him from the others. Jovic, Yong and Yen tied at third place. Some felt the Jovic was a bit too touchy with the girls and has yet to rein in his jokes. Yong got voted for being unnecessarily loud, while Yen got voted for not helping around the house and for being picky with whom to talk to.

The stage will be quite crowded this coming eviction night. Three housemates will have to say their goodbyes, with two coming from the Pinoy housemates. From the Teenternational teens, one will have to let go of the PBB dream. Who gets out? Your guess is as good as it gets. It’s your choice, so get busy keying in your votes by texting BB and sending it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. Voting is now officially open, so text away. Who will be sent out: CARSON, APRIL, ANN, TRICIA, ANGELO, JOVIC, YONG or YEN? Vote wisely. Source: PBB