The music Kyra Custodia has been dancing to inside the Big Brother house must have already stopped playing. Coming last after Patrick (42.29%), Joe (22.75%) and Devon (19.90%), the Giling Girl of Batangas took her final bow with only 14.79% of the people’s votes.

Always one to be noted for her hard work inside the Big Brother house during tasks and games, Kyra played the role of a leader to the benefit of her housemates especially after Shey’s forced eviction, who was formerly their main boss in the team. Her background of familial and financial struggles have pushed her to always take challenges – whatever the magnitude – seriously. Sometimes, her strong-willed attitude sparked a few quarrels between her and her housemates, particularly when she gets frustrated with them if they don’t get the correct dance movement or when they don’t listen to instructions. But her youth thankfully steers her back and she still is regarded as one of the most loved housemates, as seen tonight wherein all her housemates sobbed after the announcement of her eviction.

Welcomed back to the outside world by her mom who missed her so much, “Andaming challenges pero sa bawat challenge, madami ding lessons (There were many challenges but for each of those, there were a lot of lessons to learn from),” were her words to describe her experience inside the Big Brother house. Kyra may have ended her dance with her teen housemates but there rest of the world out here can’t wait to see her better performances and give her a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, find out how the rest of Pinoy teens cope up with Kyra gone by tuning in to PBB Teen Clash Uber and Primetime every day!

Source: PBB