Hard times come to all of us; it just depends on when it arrives. But for the Heiress Wonder of Cebu Rebecca Chiongbian, it seems like her chain of hard times has been tied and locked into place. First, she entered the Big Brother house with the dark cloud of her father passing away during her audition. Second, she got nominated into only the second week after her former Team Apartment housemates found her slacking on some household chores. And the last link? Her being the second evictee of the Teen Clash edition, spotting in only the third place with 8.86% of the votes after fellow nominees Yen (33.87%) and Tricia (57.27%).

But as how life is, the hard times are always balanced with the good ones. During her short but still sweet stay inside the house, she got to mingle and make friends with fellow teen housemates who possess diverse characters and upbringing. Not only did she build friendships, but she also formed her own person by cultivating on and sharing her singing and guitar-playing talents with them. She even went far to improving herself domestic-wise as she tinkered with the household chores such as cleaning, washing the dishes and cooking (in which she introduced her signature sugarcoated hotdogs to her teen housemates, much to their amusement).

Sure, Becca’s journey to the Big Night may have been cut off but her trip to Real Life in the outside world has just restarted. But will the teen housemates left in the house be able to go on in their adventure without Becca now? Will Becca’s eviction cost them highly once they are “attacked” by the new bedspacers inside Big Brother’s house? To avoid the hard times of not being updated, you guys already know the drill – keep track of the latest by watching PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day!

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