Three is not this season’s lucky number, it seems. On their third nomination night, Kuya gives three of them an Automatic Nomination. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve made history as the first PBB batch to have a housemate given a Forced Eviction for the third time in a row. “Sa lahat ng pumasok sa bahay, ang grupo niyo lang ang may sunod-dunod na violations,” said Kuya gravely.


All this time, the teen housemates were under the impression that their fate rested on Jovic’s hands. Earlier this week, he was tasked with picking three housemates to nominate, something that was not a big secret to the rest. Tonight, he was asked to name his nominees and explain his decision. It was no easy feat and Jovic took several deep breaths and crossed himself before saying anything. Finally, he named Patrick, Tricia and Yong as his top picks. He felt that Patrick had the strength to accept anything life deals him, while Tricia was an easy pick because she already seemed ready to leave. Yong’s recent illness made him Jovic’s third nominee, plus the fact that they weren’t really close and that he felt that Yong did not like him so much. A face-to-face nomination takes a lot of guts, something that the rest of the housemates understood. After Jovic had said his piece, the rest held out their hands to show him that they understood.

“Pinawalang bisa ko ang mga ipinataw na nominasyon ni Jovic,” announced Kuya, who had to cut his vacation short because of all the grave violations incurred by the housemates. “Ako mismo ang magpapataw ng karampatang parusa sa mga housemates na nagkasala.” Kuya meant business, and his very tone left no room for anything else. The teen housemates have gone overboard with repeated violations, and of all violations, they had to commit those pertaining to nominations.

Nominations are held serious, sacred, and confidential inside Kuya’s house. No talk of nominations, direct or implied, can happen outside the Confession Room. Kuya showed video clips highlighting the obvious disregard of this rule. The first showed Shey, Joe and Patrick talking about the trouble of picking someone to nominate if Tricia got evicted. The second showed Shey and Devon whispering under the sheets about voting. The third showed Shey and Kyra talking about nominating Tricia yet again.

Not only was there discussion on nominations, there was also nomination conspiracy. This was no light matter, and Kuya just had to stress the gravity of the situation. Joe, Patrick, Kyra and Devon were all given an Automatic Nomination, and the four complete this week’s set of nominees. Shey, who was the prime mover in all the given situations and had committed the same violation thrice in two days, was given a Forced Eviction.

The Villa echoed with the housemates’ sobs, but Kuya’s decision was final. Shey was granted one last night with the housemates, after which she would have to just watch and wait from the outside. To the remaining teen housemates, Kuya advised them to read the rule book over and over again and take it to heart, or else dire consequences were to follow. He issued his last warning: “Ang pagkakamali ng isa ay pagkakamali ng lahat.” Better not cross Kuya, housemates. In his house, it’s shape up or ship out.

Ship out is the way Shey will go, so join the rest of the outside world in welcoming her back. Keep your TV sets tuned in and witness Shey’s live exit on Uber. On Primetime, watch out for Kuya’s challenge to the Teenternational Housemates. Hint: It has something to do with the Big Night! Don’t miss out! Meanwhile, voting is officially open for you to save your fave houseamate. Who among PATRICK, JOE, KYRA, and DEVON do you think deserves another shot? Text BB and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. You can also log on to and cast your votes online. Remember, vote wisely!

Source: PBB