Guess nobody has to wait any much longer for the much-expected coming of the bedspacers has come! Yes, they are finally here.The Teenternational housemates, invited over to stay momentarily inside the Big Brother house, flew in from various parts of the world. And for what? To clash with the original Filipino teen housemates and test them to the best of their character, skills and abilities, of course!


The first batch, coming in via tricycles inspired by local artistry in the form of bamboo and native flowers, were tagged as the “Caucasian Boys” collectively. The musically-inclined Bret Alan “Bret” Jackson II, or simply the Indie Singer from the United States, came in with the Dashing Dude Robert James “James” Reid of Australia – who has talents as great as his looks; skateboarding, swimming and gymnastics, to state a few – and Carson Lee Jacob “Carson” Vince, who’s the Loving Land from Down Under.

Next to appear on stage after the boys were the four girls who looked as intriguing. Two of them hail from South Korea: So Young “Sophia” Ko, a.k.a. The Obedient Daughter from Korea, and Jin Sol “Jenny” Kim, who’s best described as a very academic-driven person as she has used this to fill the void from the unfortunate divorce of her parents in the past. When asked what her message to her mom (who is currently in SK) was, she said in almost-fluent Tagalog, “Gagawin ko ang lahat para maging proud ka sa akin (I will do everything to make you proud).”

The other half of the girls was composed of two with different nationalities. One’s called the Diligent Girl from Taiwan named Ann Li and the other, the Cantonese Hottie of Hongkong April Sun. The former was dubbed as such to best represent what she has been undergoing in her life so far – she has been earning money on her own by means of online merchandising to help ease their family’s financial concerns. On the other hand, the elegant and fashionable Chinese hottie may look like a pretty cut-out from a magazine, she’s actually a culinary arts student majoring in making pastry.

The last batch to enter the Big Brother house were once again composed of – wait for it – more Koreans! Leading the trio was the so-called Simpatikong Lider Hyung Sung Bang or Ryan, whose achievements boast of both scholarly and extra-curricular ones such as being the soccer team captain of the university he’s attending. Second one was the obviously well-off yet still humble Resort Prince Sungbin “Jack” Yoon, whose moniker is such due to the fact that he already runs his own pool resort at a young age. Last but never least, the Romantic Achiever of Korea named Do Hun “Richard” Na completed the roster of the new bedspacers. Being pure Korean, his pride as one is already a given. Host Toni Gonzaga asked him to show the world what a Korean is like and suprise, surprise, he answered in fluent Filipino! “[Ang mga Koreans] ay mabait, simple at masarap kasama (We, Koreans, are kind, simple and fun to be with).”

Now that the world has met the Teenternational housemates, a.k.a. Big Brother’s new bedspacers, the number of questions keeps on going: Will the Teenternational housemates play the Friend card, the Enemy card or the Frenemy card? When will the Teenternational housemates face the original Filipino housemates? What will be the reactions and opinions of the latter with this sudden addition? You guys don’t have to wait anymore for the answers; just keep watching PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day!

Source: PBB