Attention, viewers! Keep your air-conditioning on full high because the biggest heat wave has just arrived! Oh yes, just what everyone’s been waiting for: the Apartment and Villa teens now emerge into one house.


So what happens now? Here are a few ideas for you guys to ponder on:

– Will the ones born with the silver spoons forget their new lessons learned from being responsible in their Apartment?
– Will the so-called less fortunate ones make the merge a hard time for the Apartment teens?
– Will Tricia’s “old self” resurface now that she has her “kind of people” with her?
– Will Shey once again lash out negative feedback about her new housemates on their disregard for household chores?
-Will the Villa boys feel inferior with the popularly known as the good-looking boy from Team Apartment named Ivan?
-Will Ivan be still open and friendly with Tricia just like the old times or will he pay more attention to other girls now that there’s more of them in one house?
– Will Becca own up to more responsibilities inside their new house so as to impress her new housemates or will she do otherwise?
– Will the Eslove-and-Joe tandem still be the same?
– Will Eslove finally make a move about her falling in like with Fretzie or will Patrick get in the way?
– Will Yen’s sunshiney vibe seep through the Villa’s girls’ horizon?
– Will the Villa boys feel as comfortable as they are with each other with the Apartment guys?

And the most important question that many may have overlooked is: What will happen to the empty Apartment now? Will new teen housemates be coming in or will there be a homecoming for teen housemates in the previous seasons?

Bet you all are so stoked right now so for you to quench that thirst, stay in your air-conditioned room and turn your TV to the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 channel!

Source: PBB Website