With Maichel and Eslove out of the running early in the season, Kuya has decided to take in another teen into his house. Tagged the “Diplomatic Son of Albay”, Jovic Susim is the latest teen housemate to enter the crazy PBB Teen Clash scene. With his dad busy as a public servant in Albay, Jovic seems intent in continuing his father’s legacy by taking up Consular Affairs. Before taking on the serious task of serving the public, Jovic takes time off to give in to his PBB dreams.


He entered the Villa early in the morning, while the others were fast asleep in their comfy beds. Like Maichel, Kuya gave him his first task upon entry. He was to change clothes in the storage room, sneak in the boys’ room and climb into bed beside the boy of his choice. Ivan seemed to sense an outsider in the room and rose from bed. Fortunately, sleep took the better of him and Jovic was saved from an entire morning of crouching on the floor. Patrick got restless too, but Jovic was already snug under the covers. As morning drew near, the boys started stretching in preparation for the day ahead. To Joe’s surprise, a warm body was lying next to him!

How will Jovic deal with the original teen housemates? More importantly, how will they react to him, especially since he is clearly the replacement of Eslove? Tall, dark and decidedly single, will Jovic earn the favor of the girls, at least?

Think things are getting settled inside the house already? No worries, Kuya has another big clash up his sleeve! Make sure you’re tuned in this Saturday and witness the entry of Kuya’s bedspacers! Who will these new housemates be and just how will they clash with the merged housemates? Don’t miss out and keep watching PBB Teen Clash of 2010!

Source: PBB Website