Some jokes are just not funny, whatever way it is viewed. His being out of line has cost Eslove consecutive nominations, yet he doesn’t seem to understand just how much he affects his housemates. Kuya called Eslove’s best bud, Joe, in the Confession Room and showed him a clip that showed Eslove holding a knife in the air, aimed at Tricia. “Pag ako dinimonyo e,“ he told Tricia, while washing the knife. “Joke lang.” And yet again, “Sige, magsumbong ka, itutuloy ko ‘to!”

It must have been difficult to admit in a friend’s wrongdoing, but with the bare facts caught on tape, there was little chance to do otherwise. Joe had to admit that Eslove was way out of line, and that even if it was taken in context of a joke, it just cannot be tolerated. House rules clearly state that no form of violence will be allowed within the PBB house, and Eslove’s mishandling of the knife is a clear form of violence.

For now, the incident may have slipped Eslove’s mind, but its consequence will have to be carried by Joe. Yes, Eslove’s PBB days are soon to come to an end as he is handed a Forced Eviction. Just when and how the news will be broken to him is something to look out for.

Even with Eslove’s expected exit, the voting continues for the tres marias: Becca, Yen and Tricia. Text BB and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. Vote wisely, vote to save!

Source: PBB Website