For the second nomination night, there were no add-ons so both houses had only their top 2 nominees on this week’s list. Team Apartment’s picks were both newbies to feeling the heat, while Team Villa’s two nominees were on their second harrowing week already.

Apartment’s nominees had yet to feel the pressure, and managed to smile and laugh even upon hearing the news. With 9 points, Becca got in the list due to her lack of cooperation and responsibility. Her housemates had noticed that she continued to sleep in, even when she was not sick. In effect, she was unable to carry her weight in the house and was not available to help out with household chores.  Becca still wants to stay. The question is: Do people want her to?
Yen appeared to have an unhealthy dose of sunshine, making her housemates feel that she was not serious about the tasks or that she simply did not want to be in PBB enough. Her lack of involvement in brainstorming and in finishing household chores got her 6 votes. Will people believe that she is sincere in wanting to improve herself and let her stay on?
Eslove made it on the list again, with 6 votes. His “anything goes” attitude had not been received well by the others, who felt that he was going over and beyond his limits. His jokes tend to be insensitive and he unknowingly has hurt feelings with his tactlessness. Ever hopeful, Eslove thanked his supporters and hopes for the best. Will he prove his worth for a repeat save?
Unlike last week, Tricia did not get the highest votes. However, with 8 points against her, she still was on the list for this week’s nominees. The Villa teens felt that she was being picky with her food and that she could be quite demanding at times. Fresh from last week’s save, she thanked those who supported her and asks for another save, promising that “mas marami pa akong maipapakita.” Will she be given the chance to show it?
Voting is now officially open, so send in those votes to SAVE your housemate of choice. Text BB and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk and Text.
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