Two things people would note about about Romeo “Potz” Jalosjos III are his surname and the history attached to it and his eye-catching overgrown sideburns. Then they uncontrollably jump to uncalled-for conclusions, not even trying to get to know who Potz is beyond the controversial name and deviant ‘do. This was what must have happened when the voting results came out, leaving him with only 5.53%, landing fifth after his fellow nominees Angelo (15.16%), Patrick (16.63%), Eslove (21.20%) and Tricia (41.48%).

People’s immediate judgment is what Potz had said he wanted to change once he got invited to stay inside the Big Brother house. He wanted to “tell the whole world his story” – the real one, as he has mentioned earlier into the edition. He didn’t want the family name’s burden on his shoulders anymore and tried hard to shake this off by becoming an easily adaptable and dependable cheerful companion to his housemates. And this part happened; his housemates found his diligence for comicality and valued his presence inside the Apartment.

Then came the switch where Joe, from Team Villa, had to replace one of the Apartment’s housemates which was Tricia (who also transferred to the other team in palce of Joe). Joe, who was the “real” Mr. Funny Guy in the whole set of teen housemates, earned Potz’s throne in no time. This little competition surged up even more when Joe started getting close to Yen, whom Potz had set his eyes and heart on. Potz did already admit his special feelings for Yen, but the girl was keen about just being friends as she has a boyfriend outside the Big Brother house. The next that happened was the spin-a-bottle game happened earlier this week, wherein Yen was asked to pick between him and Joe on whom she wanted to give a hug to. Yen, who already knew of Potz’s special attention for her, mutedly chose Joe, probably in thought of not leading Potz on. This broke Potz apart and resigned to keeping to himself in their room in the apartment, holding on to his stuffed penguin Pinky who is his closest confidante.

But now that the time for Potz inside the house is over, he can only hope that he has managed to at least alter the way people perceive him in the outside world. Go, Potz! There sure is still more to come! Meanwhile for the rest of our housemates, keep on proving you deserve to stay inside the Big Brother house and become the Big Winner of this edition! (Yes, even this early!) Never miss an episode of PBB Teen Clash of 2010 every day!

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