On Friday night, the teens had their first taste of nominations. Kuya had Joe and Patrick break the news to their respective teams, and one by one, the teens cast their votes. No matter how friendly they have already become with each other, the fact that this was a competition remained. Both teams expressed apprehension and discomfort in taking part, but there simply was no way around it.

The top two scorers in each house would be part of the list. In case of tied points, the number of nominees could increase. For the first batch of nominees, three housemates from Team Apartment got in, while only two came from Team Villa. However, because of several broken rules, Kuya added one more from Team Villa via automatic nomination.

Tricia, Potz and Patrick made up the first half of nominees. Tricia got the biggest bulk of votes from her own team. A myriad of reasons were stacked against her: frequent mood swings, the constant need for attention, being melodramatic, blatant flirting, self-isolation and snobbishness. Potz and Patrick tied at second. The housemates felt that Potz was not taking things seriously and that he was not helping much. Patrick got his points for not being that easy to be close to.

Eslove and Angelo were voted for very opposite reasons. Eslove’s happy-go-lucky attitude got him the slot. The others felt that his jokes and antics were getting out of line and that he was not as helpful in house chores. Angelo, on the other hand, was too serious and tended to be a know-it-all. These made him difficult to approach and understand. Kuya added Maichel to the list of nominees as well. Kuya felt that Maichel did not have enough respect for the rules. Upon his entry to the PBB house, he was instructed to keep his name a secret, yet the moment he stepped in the house, he introduced himself and told them about his task. He also committed the dreaded lapel violation, the use of sign language to converse and taking a bath outside shower time. With these valid cases, Maichel got an automatic nomination.

Who among these six teens would have their PBB experience cut short? One week to prove their worth, because by next weekend, two of them will have to bid goodbye and be content with watching from the outside. Voting is now officially open! Vote to save your housemate of choice. As always, their fate is in your hands. Find out who deserves another shot by staying updated! Watch PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime daily.

Source: ABS-CBN