While the teens in Kuya’s Villa were getting to know each other, Maichel of Samar makes an appearance at their doorstep. Big Brother was lacking a housemate yesterday because housemate no. 16, “Dependent Darling,” had health issues that had to be resolved. Apparently, the doctor’s advised her not continue with her stay in the house and Maichel, a model, took her slot inside the house.

Maichel, a hard working model had stopped schooling because of his mother’s death last year. When his father moved to Manila to work, he tried his best to help out with their family’s finances. Here, he also met his true friends, who have helped him out with a lot of things being a lad from the countryside.

Upon entering the house, Kuya had instructions for Maichel regarding his first task. He must not utter a word to the other teens when he meets them and they must guess his name right, even its unique spelling before he is able to speak. It was obvious that Maichel was tense when he entered the Big Brother house and was a bit speechless towards Kuya. So when he saw the other teens for the first time, Maichel could not help but say ‘hi’ to them. Will Maichel be reprimanded by Kuya for not executing his task properly?

Meanwhile, the teens in both houses are getting to know each other. In a picture puzzle task, Team Apartment completed their baby pictures first and guessed who is who faster than Team Villa and they got rewarded with a special dinner. Team Villa however gets a visitor— a goat! How will they fare in “Oh My Goat!”, Kuya’s first weekly task?

Don’t miss the exciting first two days of the teen housemates tomorrow in PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and on PBB Primetime after Habang May Buhay.

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