Think the new teen housemates are missing moments of frolicking under the mighty sun? Well, they definitely won’t be wishing they’re going to the beach for Kuya is set to make their summer quite memorable.


Welcomed to the freshly redesigned houses by a song-and-dance production from local artists like Yeng Constantino and Sam Concepcion, the fifteen new tenants entered the house with the help of hosts Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales and Mariel Rodriguez.
First to be introduced was Joe Vargas, dubbed as the “Swabeng Komikero ng Quezon City.” He is tagged as such since it was said he was a ladies’ man. “All in one na daw po ako, pwera lang sa kaputian (I’m already all in one, except for being fair-skinned),” he downplayed when asked by Toni G. to elaborate. He was followed by the “Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu” Devon Seron, who appeared to have lived up to her moniker upon showing up on stage next.

Third teen housemate to appear was Eslove Briones a.k.a. the “Sigang Istokwa ng Tawi-Tawi.” He may be admittedly stubborn and has a lot of vices, but he pays it off by being an industrious and helpful son to his mother. After him came in the “Diskarte Bombshell ng Mindoro” Shey Bustamante, a beautiful, 5’6 tall, half-Australian who has never met her father.

The fifth one to join the roster of Big Brother’s new teen housemates was Angelo Pasco, called the “Struggling Isko ng Antique.” This is attributed to his back story of a hard life after having a deceased father, which has led him to pursue a college education. Next was Kyra Custodio alias the “Giling Girl ng Batangas,” who was known for cooking up “dancing sidelines” to earn money for the family. She was then followed by Yong Gopez, or the “Boy Breadwinner ng Pampanga.”

But before the list of the newest teen housemates can be completed, it should be noted from hereon that Big Brother has two houses for them this edition. While the first seven teens will be staying inside “The Villa”, the second half will be living in what has been newly dubbed as “The Apartment.” Leading the second batch was Romeo “Potz” Jalosjos III a.k.a. the “Political Son ng Dipolog.” With the burden of his family’s political background on his back, he is hoping to find new acceptance by entering the Big Brother house. Meanwhile, the case is almost the same with the “Heiress Wonder of Cebu” Rebecca Chiongbian, who may be wishing to rebuild her emotional strength inside the house after her dad died while she was in the middle of the screening process for PBB. Another one trying to find a more interesting path inside the house is Yen Santos, coined the “Little Miss Sunshine ng Nueva Ecija,” who temporarily stopped her schooling to try her luck in the entertainment industry.

The “Gentle Boy-Next–Door ng Mandalayung” Patrick Sugui went inside the house after Yen, and wass interrogated about his long-term courtship (10 months) with a girl but sadly the relationship only lasted 20 days. Two pretty young things in the forms of Tricia Santos (the “Athletic Muse ng Davao”) and Kazel Kinouchi (the “Shopaholic Chick ng Parañaque”) came in next.

The last two to join the housemates already settled inside the house were the headturner half-Irish half-Filipino Ivan Dorschner, which garnered him the label “Stunning Stud ng Rizal,” and Fretzie Bercede, the “Charming Angel of Cebu.”

And it looks like Big Brother can’t wait to unleash his fury out on the new young occupants of his house. Imagine, the first night that the 15 teen housemates stepped into his territory, he gave them their first weekly task ever! In “Face Buko” the housemates are tasked to identify their neighbors by matching certain clues that will be given to them in the coming days. If by next Saturday, one group is unable to get all the matches correct, a person from that side of the Big Brother House will get an automatic eviction. And what’s worse is that if the other group also fails to ace this task, two housemates in total have to leave.

While it seems like Team Villa and Team Apartment are promising enough to give the biggest clash this summer, Big Brother has yet to fill the last spot in the 16-slot list of his new house occupants. This is because the originally chosen housemate, dubbed as the “Dependent Darling,” needed to have medical attention to address some health concerns. As what host Toni Gonzaga has said during the opening of the show, if “Dependent Darling” does not pass the doctor’s examination by tomorrow, she may be replaced with a certain substitute who is intriguingly called the “Courageous Lakan.” Will a guy or a girl take the last coveted spot in Kuya’s house?

Be sure to get home from your summer gimmicks in time for PBB Teen Clash Edition of 2010 tomorrow night.
Source: ABS-CBN