Catch Dolphy’s first tv show on tv5 “Pidol’s Wonderland” which is going to have a premiere tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Pidol’s Wonderland dramatizes, adapts, and retells well-loved folk tales and legends, as well as original tall tales and fantasy stories that are perfect for the kids as well as for the whole family.

A curio shop owner in downtown Manila, Mang Pidol brings in the comedy together with his sons Bart (Vandolph Quizon) and Panyong (Epi Quizon), his daughter-in-law Jenny, and Baby VJ, his granddaughter.

The shop is where Mang Pidol’s animated storytelling sessions are usually attended by a motley group of common folks in the neigborhood — the barbers Samson (Brod Pete) and Adonis (Long Mejia), the bakery owner Brigit (Joy Viado) and her assistant, Lyla (Arianna Barouk).

On its pilot episode, Mang Pidol tells the story of Totoy (Jay Aquitania), a shy boy whose monkey-like features keep him distant from people, except from Pilar (Meg Imperial), Totoy’s only friend. Totoy’s father tells him that the only way for him to turn into a human is to find a girl whose kiss can change his monkey-like appearance. Will Totoy find the right girl, or will he forever be trapped in his monkey-like physique?